Geek Legacy: Sharing Childhood Favorites With My Kids

I wrote a blog for my day job about some of my favorite geek books and shows from my childhood that I’m now sharing with my own kids. Sometimes my kids really dig it (the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books went over pretty well) and sometimes they don’t (Star Blazers failed to impress).

Other treasured cultural artifacts from my childhood that I haven’t shared with them yet include Frank Herbert’s Dune and the movie Aliens. My boys aren’t quite old enough for either of those, but I can’t wait until they are! (Game over, man! Game over!)

We’ve recently discovered the BBC’s rebooted Dr. Who via Netflix, and that’s been a family favorite. The consensus so far is that Matt Smith is the best of the new doctors. However, the one downside of the reboot is that the BBC’s much-improved production values mean my kids can barely stomach my own favorite series with Tom Baker.

What geek legacy are you trying to pass on to your own kids? How’s it going?

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