My Latest Query Letter: Any Comments?

I’ve got a new manuscript I’m pitching to agents, so I’ve been spending a lot of time refining my query letter.

After many agonizing hours writing, revising, banging my head against the table, getting feedback from my wife, and reading advice on Query Shark, I think I’ve got a good draft.

But I’d also like to get feedback from the community. If you have comments or critiques, I’d appreciate the input. Here’s the most current draft:

Edward Drake wants to be more than a Negro curiosity to the privileged white Brahmins among whom he lives in 19th century Boston. Brought to Beacon Hill as a child to serve as a spirit medium for a wealthy widow, he’s since grown weary of seances and other psychic nonsense.

Thwarting the wishes of his patroness, he disavows his ability to communicate with the dead—only a fool or a madman would believe such a thing.

But that disavowal is tested when Edward receives gruesome news from his home town; a rash of child murders has roused panic and anger in the town. His estranged brother Jim is accused of the crime, and has gone fugitive.

Edward fears that if Jim is caught, he’ll be hung without trial or jury. As he races home to seek his brother and find the true perpetrator, he must wrestle with the nature of his strange and dreadful abilities. Can he truly speak with the dead? Is this power the key to saving his brother, or a sign of encroaching madness?

I’m seeking representation for my novel THE HAUNTING OF EDWARD DRAKE, which blends historical fiction with psychological suspense. The manuscript is complete at 86,000 words.

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